Apple and Microsoft are working on a new Xbox Series X and S controller which will extend support to iOS and iPadOS

When it comes to Microsoft, Xbox series X gaming consoles have been one of their most ambitious projects till now when it comes to gaming consoles. The new generation gaming console has been designed with the most powerful hardware there is. The company will definitely try to expand the reach and the domain of the gaming console to make sure that more and more users can be associated with it. 

As per the latest news, Apple and Microsoft have been working together on the Xbox Series X and Series S controller which will work with the iPhones and iPads. The new controllers for the next-gen consoles are currently not supported on both the iOS and iPadOS. As per the official statement from Apple, “Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring compatibility for the Xbox Series X controller to customers in a future update.“” The companies have come together in the past to create the Xbox Elite 2 Controller and the Xbox Adaptive Controller for iOS 14 earlier this year. 

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It is expected that the new controller would have DualSense support and the iOS 14.3 beta update is said to have included support for the same feature, which is used in PS5’s dual sense controller. It seems that Apple will be bringing in the support for both Xbox and Playstation on their iOS and iPadOS. However, there is currently no details from both the companies as to when the new controller will be launched and at what stage it is in.


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