New Controller image leak confirmes Xbox Series S console

It seems that more and more Xbox leaks are coming to our ways and there is no stopping to that. It was already known that along with the Xbox series X next-generation console, Microsoft is also going to launch an affordable and lower-priced Xbox Series S console as well. However, there are no details on the type of configuration the second console will come with, therefore it is difficult to compare both of them.

In the recent series of leaks, the new Xbox new series controller seems to be on sale a bit too early, which also mentions about the second console the controller is compatible with a new console series S. The information was confirmed by The Verge, which shows a video and images of a white controller in a package. It has been mentioned on the package that the controller is compatible with Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S consoles, PC, and iOS and Android for xCloud streaming. The major difference that is expected between both the consoles would be the resolutions that it will be running the games on.

Series S will run the games on a much lower resolution as compared to Xbox Series X. The controller images that have been leaked are also said to be compatible with the previous generation of Xbox consoles like Xbox One, One S, and One X. The company has not provided any details regarding the second console and it seems that it will be launched alongside the X series in November this year.


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