The rumored price of the PlayStation 5 can give Xbox serious competition.

After Xbox and Microsoft released the price of both their S series and X series console, there was a lot of pressure on Sony to release the pricing of their PS5 console. It seems that Sony has finally revealed the details and it’s not just one but two different variants for the same at different prices. Now as per the new details one of the Sony PS5 variants will cost under the pricetag of what Microsoft has revealed. 

As per the sources, the PS5 would be priced at $499, which will be similar to what Xbox series X has been priced at. The digital version would be priced at $100 less, which would be $399. Sony would try to stay as competitive in terms of pricing when it comes to selling their gaming consoles. Since Xbox Series S has been priced at $299, there would be a great competition in terms of cost. The series S console from Xbox is aimed at providing an affordable and budget experience for gamers. 

However, there does not seem to be anything similar that will be launched by Playstation in comparison. They do believe that their PS5 digital edition will provide a much better package to the users and will be a better value for the money, but the price difference of $100 will definitely make a huge difference. It would be interesting to see how Sony plays its card on the launch date to deal with the affordable console competition.


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