Apple finally hits 1 billion iPhone activations.

Apple has been trying to increase its markets in different parts of the world. With the same view, the company has also launched its online retail website in India. Due to similar launches and more focus on the promotion of their iPhone, the company has finally reached 1 billion activation on its popular iPhone series. The company launched its first iPhone in 2008 and since then they have never looked back. 

The popularity of the iPhone has been increasing every year, leading more and more people to adopt the iOS ecosystem. However, in the last two to three years, the number of new iPhone users have decreased, and also the number of users who have upgraded from the previous version. While the sales have been dipping, it is expected that the sales will rise again for the company, and will reach a number of 250 million sales in Q4. One of the major reasons why people select to buy an iPhone is the camera technology, which is one of the best in the smartphone industry. 

It has also led to a prediction that the company will take much less time to reach the 2 billion mark. One reason for slow sales could be the high prices for the device which has been increasing every year with the launch of new iPhones.No matter which price they launch the iPhones at, the product still has one of the largest fan-following for the brand and device. With the device activation crossing 1 billion, it is a big achievement for Apple.


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