Apple iPhone 12 mini to launch in October.

Apple is likely to launch its new range of Apple smartphones this year in October. However, there was news that Apple might decide to launch two variants in October and the other two higher variants later in the coming months. It is not yet confirmed on whether Apple would choose two different dates for the launch of different variants of iPhone 12, but it has been confirmed that the iPhone 12 mini, which will be the most affordable in the lineup, will be launched in October. The new lineup will include a 5.4-inch variant, two 6.1-inch models, and a high-end 6.7-inch variant. 

Since Apple iPhone 12 mini will be the entry-level smartphone for the company, it is expected to be priced a lot lower than other variants. According to the report, the iPhone 12 mini would be the first iPhone with the “mini” moniker, which has been seen on the iPad mini, Mac mini, and iPod mini. The expected dates for Apple’s event is October 13, which has been reported by many individual groups that have provided Apple product leaks before. During the event, the company will not only reveal the all-new iPhone 12 range but are also expected to launch many new services and products. 

More rumors about the event also suggest that the company might make an announcement about Apple laptops and might show something new as well that they have been working for. Apart from that, Apple has been working on many new products, but it is not confirmed whether they will be making an announcement regarding that.


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