Apple will launch a new digital service bundle in October to boost its digital services

Apple has been working on bundled services for a long time now, where the user can pay a monthly fee and get all the popular streaming services at a lower price. Its not just the digital streaming service, but many other services as well that Apple is trying to bring for its customers. The bundle is currently called “Apple One” and is all due to launch in the month of October along with the launch of the iPhone 12. The bundle has been specifically created by Apple to increase the user base for its subscription services and increase its share in recurring revenue.

As per the details that have been leaked the package will be divided into multiple tiers where the basic package comes with Apple Music and TV+, while it adds two more services and Apple Arcade gaming in the higher tier. The higher package will also add iCloud storage and a lot more premium features. These are not the final packages and will change once it is launched in the Apple virtual event.

However, the users can expect the price for a subscription to below as the company is trying to bring multiple services in one package with the aim to keep the cost lower than what is being offered in the market. It is also expected that Amazon Prime services will also be included in the same as the company has integrated the Prime services from Amazon by offering a lower fee.

It is also known that the company is preparing a new virtual fitness class program fro the users which could be accessible through any Apple device. It will be supported by companies like Nike and many others. The bundle will also bring in the family sharing function where the entire bundles could be viewed and shared among the family members.


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