Apple will be selling a new iPhone12- mini.

Everyone is waiting for Apple to unveil its latest iPhone 12 series, which is all due in October this year. However, just before the annual event, many leaks have already appeared which has provided almost all details about the phone’s hardware and software. Apart from these leaks, many more details are expected to come out before the actual launch event happens. A new detail has been leaked just now, which confirms that the company will also be launching a new mini or more affordable version of the iPhone 12, which will be called the iPhone 12 mini. 

The new iPhone 12 mini will have a display of 5.4-inches. Although it might be possible that this phone is launched in the market as iPhone 12, which will be the cheapest model in the iPhone 12 series. It is already known that four different iPhone 12 models will be released by the company, which will be the iPhone 12, Pro, Pro Max, and one more that is yet to be confirmed. It is expected that all the phones in this series will have 5G compatibility and are based on the new A14 Bionic chipset, based on the 5nm process. 

The new configuration of the iPhone 12 series can be expected to give a much larger battery life and much faster performance. However, one bad news for the fans who were waiting for the new series of the phone is that it might not support the 120Hz screen refresh rate. It would have definitely helped the phone to improve gaming.

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