Apple is extending Apple TV+ subscription through February 2021.

Good news has come across for all the Apple TV subscribers, where Apple has confirmed that it will be extending the Apple TV subscriptions further ahead. The subscriptions were all set to expire in the month of November 1, 2020, through January 31, 2021, through their billing date in February of 2021. Apple gave away a free year of Apple TV to new device purchasers last year and those are all set to end in November. 

Apple has made the decision to extend the subscription as it realizes that the coming months will also be filled with COVID restrictions and most of the subscribers will not be able to renew. Also, a monthly subscriber whose subscription date is before November 1, 2020, will get a deal of $4.99 credit appearing in November, December, and January 2021. You will automatically receive the notification or email for the credit from Apple. It seems to be a very good step that has been taken by Apple, which has made people appreciate the brand even more. 

Apart from this, Apple has been looking out on other subscription services as well, which may soon receive a free extension. They do understand that the pandemic situation will not allow many users to be able to continue the paid subscription, due to which they decided to extend the existing subscription. We can expect Apple to notify people about more such exceptions in the future, which will further help the users to use Apple services without thinking about paying them immediately.

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