Apple to refund credits to Apple TV Plus till June this year

Last year, Apple provided a free trial extension to Apple TV users for using the services. Now the company has decided to refund credits to Apple TV Plus subscribers until June. The step has been taken by the company after they decided that the free trial program will be extended to June this year. Due to this, the users who subscribed to the paid services of Apple TV during this duration will receive the entire amount as credit. 

The refund is available to customers who had switched to paid subscription status before the extension of the free trial was announced. It will be applicable to all the users who selected monthly and annual subscriptions to Apple TV. A similar credit to Apple TV Plus users has also been given in the past when such a free trial extension was announced. The users who are eligible for the refund will receive email notifications through Apple, which will state the amount equivalent to what they have paid until the month of June this year. 

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The free trial extension from Apple was aimed to get more subscribers on their platform and a way to try their services. The aim of the company was to get more market share from the competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Since the company has been working on many new projects and content, they expect that the viewership of Apple TV will increase over time in large numbers. The subscription will not only provide the users with shows but also podcasts and a lot more.

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