Apple is no longer number 1 in phishing attempts

Apple has been one of the innovative tech giants in the world, due to which they are regularly attacked by malicious software and a lot of phishing attempts to steal their data. Apple has been on the number one spot when it comes to phishing attempts. However, it’s not the same case now, and the number spot from Apple has shifted to other popular brands. Apple ID credentials have been on the top of the list for phishing attempts and hackers using fake websites and e-mail.

However, it seems that the layer of security used by Apple is hard to get by, due to which this year, Apple has just faced a mere 2% phishing attempts, which the number spot for the same has gone to Amazon and Google with 13% of phishing attempts on each. As per experts, the pandemic has been a major reason for the same. As people are under lockdown and were using Google cloud services to work from home, these services’ usage rose to a very high level, making them the perfect target for phishing attempts and stealing the login credentials.

Similarly, Amazon has also seen a large increase in phishing attempts on online shopping. The good things were that both the browser companies and web hosting companies responded quickly to this deceptive website and could suspend them. The list of top ten companies which were a target for phishing attempts this year are:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Facebook
  5. Microsoft
  6. Outlook
  7. Netflix
  8. Apple
  9. Huawei
  10. PayPal

Companies suggest their customer check the link of the website or the link provided in the email before logging into the account. As soon as they log in through these platforms, their login credentials will be compromised, leading to loss of information and money. The users can also face an issue where their account is either suspended or closed. The users will generally get an e-mail or an ad on the website, providing an offer at low prices, which is too good.


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