iPhone 12 mini users are facing issues with screen unlock and screen sensitivity.

iPhone 12 Mini is one of the most affordable iPhones in the series and due to this, the variant has become one of the most purchased handsets after its release. However, the iPhone 12 mini users are now facing an issue in the smartphone where they are unable to unlock the phone when they swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The issue seems to be common among iPhone 12 mini users across the world. The recurrent display issue was first reported by users on MacRumors and Reddit initially.

Later the issue was also reported on the official Apple forum where it was reported that there is a touch sensitivity issue on the lock screen, where the screen was not registering any touch input. The customers have also reported that they were unable to press the torch or camera button located at the bottom corner of the screen. Some customers have also reported that the issue seems to get resolved after it is plugged in for charging with the wall charger or touching the frame without the case.

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As per the issue reported by one of the iPhone mini users, “My phone screen stops registering touch input randomly only when inside of a case and also with a screen protector on. With just the case on, the screen is fine, and with just the screen protector on the screen works fine. It’s only when they’re combined that my screen goes all janky.” Currently, Apple has not confirmed anything about the issues and it is not confirmed whether the issue is with the hardware or the software. However, it is expected that Apple will soon be providing a fix for the same.

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