New Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch might launch in October 2021

Apple will be launching the new iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and new Airpods in a few hours from now, but this does not seem to be the end of the launch for new products this year. For months, there have been leaks and details about a new MacBook Pro 16-inch which might hit the market this year. It was hinted that the new Macbook might launch in the same event where the iPhone 13 would be revealed, but the launch was later delayed to year-end. 

The details have been confirmed by Bloomberg and claims that the new Macbook Pro 16-inch is still many weeks away from seeing the sunlight. The new device will be powered using the M1X chipset from Apple and the same chipset will also be powering the 14-inch version of the Macbook Pro. There are going to be a few design changes that will be inspired by the iPhone 12 sharp and sleek design. Also, the new Macbook Pro is expected to come with the MagSafe Charging features, which existed in the Apple Macbook before. 

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Apart from that, it has already been confirmed that it will have a new mini-LED display which will not only enhance the display but also save a lot of power. It is likely that the device will be launched in October in a separate event, where we can also see a new iPad version as well. We can still expect a few more leaks about the design and specs of the device before the official launch takes place.

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