Apple is working on a new premium Macbook Air

Apple has been working on a new Macbook Air and the news has been in the air for quite a while now. A few months back, Apple launched a completely new range of Macs and Macbook laptops with a redefined design and hardware specs. Now, the company is trying to redesign the Macbook Air and bring out a much more premium version of the same. As per the leaked details, the new Macbook Air will have a completely new design and will be a lot slimmer than the previous generations. 

It will also house two USB-C ports and will be powered using the Apple Silicon chipset as Apple has already dropped using the Intel chipset in their devices. The chipset will be the successor to the M1 chip and will perform many times faster than the previous generation. The new chipset will also increase the graphic performance of the new Macbook Air by many times. The new Macbook Air will exist along with the base variants of Macbook Air but will be a much more premium and high-end model in its range. 

Also, like the Mac’s, the Macbook Air will also be offered in a range of colors for the users to pick from. The new Macbook is expected to come with larger keys, a smaller trackpad, and an iPhone 12 inspired design element as well. We can also see the return of MagSafe charging technology along with a mini-LED display which the company has started using in their new devices. The new Macbook Air is expected to be launched earlier next year.


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