Apple might suggest third-party apps during setup in iOS 14.3 beta, to settle the antitrust issues.

Antitrust concerns are rising for tech giants like Apple and Google due to their dominance in the operating system category and app markets that are owned and managed by them. Apple has been in the front row, handling a barrel of antitrust concerns throughout this year. Companies like Spotify and Rakuten have already accused the tech giant Apple of giving an advantage to their own apps on the App Store. 

However, Apple did reject any of these claims and said that it makes sure that any app in a certain category, be it a third party app or their own gets equal advantage and opportunities to appear in front of the users. Also, the company has been working on a solution for the same and have finally found a solution for the same. As per Apple, the new feature will provide the existing users with proactive recommendations of a third-party application to iPhone and iPad users when they first set up their devices. 

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However, it will be interesting to see if Apple suggests users Netflix over Apple TV or Spotify over Apple Music. The feature could be a part of iOS 14.3 beta and could be a satisfactory resolution for many companies that have been complaining against unfair advantage to Appleā€™s own apps. Apple seems to be making a lot of changes to the iOS and iPadOS this year and has been focusing more on the privacy issue and issues which can take care of all the issues raised in the antitrust issue.


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