Apple is providing guidelines to vendors about manufacturing accessories compatible with the MagSafe feature.

One of the most interesting and unique features of the iPhone 12 series has been the array of the magnet on the rear of the iPhone, which is called MagSafe. The MagSafe features make the iPhone 12 series compatible with many different accessories like cases, chargers, and wallets. Apart from that Apple and other companies have been trying to make new and unique accessories using the same MagSafe technology. Since Apple is making the MagSafe accessories right now, many third-party companies are also looking for the same and are trying to make a new product. 

Due to this Apple has recently released an Accessory Design Guideline that provides a lot of details to such third-party accessory makers on the details about the MagSafe technology and how the accessories could be designed according to that. For example, when we talk about the cases for the iPhone 12 series, they must have a thickness of 21m and must firmly attach themselves to the phone without depending on the magnets. When it comes to cases made by Apple, they do make a click sound when they are attached to the device, but the same is not the case with third-party iPhone cases. 

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The PDF document also tells the manufacturers about specific placement, dimension, and polarity instructions so that all ‌MagSafe‌ accessories can magnetically self align “within a 1.55mm radial maximum. The cases should not interfere with wireless charging leather wallets or any other functioning of the iPhone. Another requirement asks the vendors to use magnets with N45SH NdFeB with a 7 μm – 13 μm NiCuNi plating finish. Also,  ‌the iPhone 12‌ should take a minimum of 800 gf (gram force) to dislodge and a maximum of 1100 gf.


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