Apple is planning to manufacture 2.5 million Macbooks next year with its own CPUs.

After the launch of the new iPhone 12 series, it seems like Apple is all set to work on their new Macbook lineup, for which the company has started making preparations. The company has already announced that they will be moving from Intel chipset to their own manufactured chipsets which will be used in the future Macbook laptops. In the same attempt, the company is now planning to manufacture around 2.5 million Macbook laptops which will be powered by their own CPU by February 2021. 

As per the details, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will manufacture the chipsets for Apple which will be using the 5nm architecture which was recently introduced by Apple. It could be a possibility that the new Macbook lineup includes the new A14 chips from the iPhone 12 series. However, they will be optimized accordingly for the new Macbook lineup. As per the reports, “Apple is asking suppliers to produce 2.5 million MacBook laptops powered by its in-house designed CPU by early 2021 as the California technology giant looks to rapidly cut its reliance on Intel chips“. 

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Apple is also scheduled to launch an online event that is expected to be their last for this year and could possibly launch their new line of Macbooks with Apple’s Silicon CPUs. The new CPUs will be a part of the 13-inch lineup of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. It is expected that the new CPU from Apple would provide a much better experience and integration of software and hardware to bring new features.

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