New M1 powered Macbook is becoming unusable after the user tries to reinstall or restore the operating system.

Apple launched its new M1 chipsets a few days back which will be used to power their future lineups of Mac. initial results of the new Macbooks really surprised everyone as they provided enhanced user experience and much better performance when compared to the Macbooks that were powered by Intel Chipsets. All the data and details got people very excited due to which the new lineup of Macbook became one of the most popular and sought-after notebooks in the market. However, it seems that the new M1 chipset is also causing a new issue for the Macbook owners.

There seem to be unforeseen teething problems that only appear after some time in the new M1 powered Macbooks. However, it seems that the issue can only be resolved partially through software updates while the issue will still remain mostly in the hardware unless the next generation of Macbooks is launched. Many users have also made complaints that the new Macbook becomes unusable after the operating system is re-installed. However, is there a need to reset the new Macbook, which would lead to this issue?

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The answer is yes, any mistake or changes that the user might have made or removal of bloatware and re-installing them back requires the user to reset the machine and re-install the operating system, which is very common. However, the restoration is actually making the machine unusable and turning it into a brick with no functions. The error message that users are getting is “An error occurred preparing the update. Failed to personalize the software update. Please try again.” Some have suggested a workaround where they can use the latest Configurator 2 tool to restore an unresponsive Apple Silicon Mac. However, Apple is currently aware of this issue and are working to provide a fix for the users.

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