New MagSafe covers for iPhone 12 series launched by OtterBox.

MagSafe was one of the biggest features that were introduced in the iPhone 12 series. The features use a series of circular magnets in the rear panel of the iPhone which can be used to stick various accessories on the phone and can also be used for wireless charging. One of the major markets that people expected with the new feature was for Magsafe accessories and specific cases. The iPhone did display a number of such covers and even a pop pocket for the iPhone which uses the MagSafe feature to stick itself to the iPhone with a perfect grip. 

Currently, Apple offers three MagSafe compatible cases, which are in clear, graphic, and colorful options. However, these are not the only options available now. OtterBox has now released a new set of MagSafe causes for the iPhone 12 series, even with pop sockets. The new Otter+Pop cases for iPhone 12 are really trendy and great for people who use Pop Socket to hold their iPhone. These are the Symmetry Series models from the company and are available in transparent and colorful options. 

Another series they have introduced is the Defender series, which is based on anti-microbial technology to defend the case exterior from many common bacteria. Also, it protects the phone from drops and scratches. They have also launched the Commuter series which has two layers of anti-microbial protection and premium Strada Series leather case with the cardholder. Apart from these, many other companies like Belkin is also busy making more accessories for the iPhone based on the MagSafe feature


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