Apple might be looking to explore the possibility of a 14 and 16 inches iPad Pro

Apple has recently made a lot of new changes to their product lineup, be it the iPhones, Macs, or Macbooks. The company is changing the hardware and design elements, mostly to the sharp edge design of the iPhone 12 series. It seems that the next big change that we could see from Apple would be in the iPad series. The iPad has been one of the most successful products from the company but till now, they have kept them to limited screen size, so that they can easily fit in the tablet category. 

However, it seems like the company is now planning to make an iPad with 14 and 16 inches of screen size. It has not started yet, but the idea is currently being circulated in Apple and we could soon see an initialization on this design. The information from Gurman and engineers from Apple confirm that they are thinking about the possibility of introducing a much larger iPad, but it can take years before it could finally take shape. 

The company is currently working on a new design for the new iPad Pros, which will be introduced next year. It will most probably have the same design elements as the iPhone 12 series and the new Macs. For now, we would see a 12.9-inch iPad Pro model next year and the company will also be using the 14 and 16-inch screen sizes on the new Macbooks. The only issue that the company has been facing for now is the lack of supply for large screens, which can lead to a delay in the finalization of the larger iPad pro.


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