Apple working on a foldable phone with a self-healing display.

When it comes to the latest in smartphone technology, no one can neglect the foldable smartphones which have become one of the most premium offerings by companies the world over. We have already noticed foldable phones by Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola, and they have some really unique features on offer as well. However, nothing similar has been yet announced by Apple which is known to provide the best of smartphone technology. However, it seems that Apple is soon going to launch a new foldable smartphone. 

Apple has recently filed a new patent, which reveals a folding screen and a self-healing display, which can fix the normal tear and wear on the screen by itself, including scratches and dents. Now if this turns out to be true then it would be an amazing feat by Apple in display technology. The patent that has been filed is named as “Electronic Devices With Flexible Display Cover Layers“. As the name suggests the display is all about minimizing the damage and taking an action if it occurs. The technology and concept are still under work by Apple and far from reality. 

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However, it can be expected that the company can launch the device anytime next year, most probably in the 3rd or 4th quarter. The patent does suggest that the display will be a single piece display and not two separate ones. However, since Apple has already placed an order for folding displays to Samsung for at least one year, we will probably not see the self-healing display in the first version of the phone. However, the self-healing technology in the display is totally going to be a game-changer for foldable smartphones.

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