Apple to launch iPhone 12 in the week of October 12

There is still no confirmation from Apple as to when the iPhone 12 model will be released, but the latest details reveal that the launch might be delayed to the week of October 12. Although the event was planned for September and Apple fans were really excited about the new generation of Apple devices, it seems that they will have to wait for a bit longer. The company had already given a hint in the past that due to production delays of the components that are required in the iPhone, the launch might be delayed by a few weeks.

Earlier, all the new launch by Apple used to take place in the month of September. However, the pandemic condition has delayed the launch and now the leaked information confirms that the launch will be delayed until the week of October 12. The details were leaked by a Youtube “John Prosser” which states that Apple will be launching the Apple Watch and iPad in the week starting September 7. After that Apple will be hosting an iPhone 12 event in October, which can most probably be a virtual event or a pre-recorded event.

The information also reveals that the pre-order would start 2-3 days after and the delivery of the new devices will start in the month of November. However, there is no confirmation on the dates yet. However, one thing can be confirmed that Apple will not be planning any kind of physical event in the situation of Pandemic and will stick to the virtual event trend that is currently going on.

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