Apple to launch its ARM-based MacBooks in November.

Apple has just launched its new range of iPhones and getting a tremendous response in pre-orders, as expected. October might have been a big month for Apple, but it seems that November will be an even bigger month for the company as it will be introducing new Apple-powered Macbooks to the market. The news had been in the market that the company is about to ditch the use of Intel processors and will be working on their own chipsets instead of that. I will not only allow Apple to create custom chipsets but will also allow them to create unique features that will work in tandem with their operating system. 

The ARM Mac event is scheduled to be unveiled on November 17, however, Apple will confirm the date of the actual launch a week earlier. The new Macbooks will be the first one to use an Apple-designed chipset and will possibly be a 12-ich sie laptop. Apple did confirm previously that the transition from Intel-based chipset to Apple-based chipset will take around two years, due to which we can expect to see a new Intel-powered Macbook as well. 

The event will also witness the launch of Apple AirPods Studi, which is the first over the ear headphones from Apple. The cost of those will be $350 and $600 for the premium model. We will surely have to wait for Apple to make the official confirmation about the event on November 10 and also for any kind of leaks before the event.


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