Apple won’t sell its chipset Apple silicon to other companies

It has been quite a while before Apple announced that they are currently working on a new chipset that they will be using in their future devices. The chip was called Apple Silicon and was created by Apple due to the delay and lack of supply from Intel Chipset. Also, Apple had to pay a big amount to procure the Intel chipset for its devices. With the usage of their ow Chipset, the cost of the device would heavily reduce.

Once the announcement was made that the Chipset was in development, it was expected that Apple could sell these to other companies, just like Intel. However, Apple has now made it clear that they will not be selling the Chipset to any third party company and will be using it exclusively on their devices.

The Chipset has been designed and developed to work seamlessly with the software of the Mac devices. It would provide a better performance and power efficiency to all their Mac devices. Making them work with other products using different OS would require more research and development and take a lot of time.

However, Apple wants to keep the new Chipset exclusive for Macbook’s and iMacs. It is expected that Apple will be introducing a new lineup of iMacs that will be redesigned and use the Apple silicon chipset to integrate Apple Technology better. Apple also claimed that creating their Chipset would allow then to add features that will be exclusive only to a Mac machine, and it can have features that no other chipset can provide.

As per Tim Cook, Apple would never sell the technology that they have created for themselves, which can also be taken as an outright no from him. As per him, the new Chipset will help the company to achieve customer experience in a way they could not have achieved with Intel chipsets; it is why the technology will remain exclusive to Apple.

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