Apple to launch the iPhone 12 Pro Max model with mmWave 5G connectivity.

A lot of news and specs have already been disclosed about the all-new iPhone 12 and other variants that are all due to launch in the month of October. However, before the official launch, it seems that all the details about the new device will be readily available to tech geeks and all those who are waiting for the smartphone. As per the new details that have been discovered, the iPhone 12 Pro Max model will support mmWave 5G connectivity. It was already known that this will be the first series of Apple smartphones to have support for 5G technology. 

However, the addition of faster millimeter-wave 5G will make the iPhone 12 Pro Max worth upgrading. The variant will also house a large 6.5-inch screen along with the new technology. The lower variants of the iPhone 12 series will have a slower Sub-6GHz 5G connectivity. If the details are taken to be true, then it means that the Pro Max model will definitely have a much bigger battery than the other variants as the feature is known to consume more battery in need to improve the performance and speed of the 5G band. 

Also, the reports mention that the mmWave antenna will be fixed inside the iPhone and will only be available to countries like Japan, South Korea, and the US. A few days back, it was disclosed that the retail box of the new iPhone will not come with any type of accessories, that would also include the charging brick and the wire. It does seem to be a disappointment for Apple fans but it won’t stop them from upgrading to the new version.

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