Apple to move ahead with the rollout of controversial privacy feature next year, which was opposed by companies like Facebook

After iOS 14 was announced, one of the most interesting and controversial features was the upgrade in privacy where the users had full freedom to know what all details the apps and social networking sites were tracking. Now the Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi has confirmed that the company does support the feature as it represents the core value of what Apple stands for in terms of customer data privacy. He also mentioned that it is better for even the people that are currently, at times protesting those moves, as it raises trust in the apps and devices that are required by developers and advertisers to work. 

One of the biggest disappointments and opposition came from Facebook a while back who confirmed that these new features will hamper the way their advertising model works. The new feature from Apple called App Tracking Transparency or ATT Apple allows users to opt-out of having their data collected and aggregated as they move between apps. This does not allow any app to track the activities on the phone using the unique identifier that every user phone has. 

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The direct impact comes on the advertiser as they will not be able to place relevant ads on the device, something companies like Facebook relied on for advertisements. Now the tracking feature caused significant controversy among advertisers and the companies who work with them, who argued that it could undermine their businesses. Apple will still be continuing this feature and roll it out next year, and make it even stronger with future updates. 

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