Apple’s Leather Sleeve for iPhone 12 starts delivery but is really expensive

One of the accessories that Apple introduced in its event alongside the Apple iPhone 12 series were different covers and Apple’s Leather Sleeve. Apple’s Leather Sleeve was one of a kind accessory product from Apple which was made especially for the iPhone and to work with the MagSafe feature. The new Apple’s Leather Sleeve is out now and people have started to get the delivery for the same. However, the leather sleeve does come with a very hefty price tag when you compare it to any other accessory for iPhone 12 in the same segment. 

There have been Apple iPhone sleeves in the past but this one is unlike others. However, is the hefty price tag justified for the same? Apple sleeves come in different colors like red, Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue, and Citrus Pink. The sleeve is available for all four variants of the iPhone 12 series. The sleeve not only provides some level of protection but also provides a good grip in the hand and the premium Apple finish that you expect. Since the edges are reinforced, and there is a camera bump on the rear to save the camera unit in case of fall, you will always feel the security for your phone in case it falls. The sleeve has all the cutouts for the speaker and other buttons. 

Behind the sleeve is a compartment that can be used to hide a couple of cards or money. Apple also provides an additional lanyard for users who want one. It has a custom all-metal snap and is a great package overall when it comes to protection and MagSafe features. The leather sleeve also has an integrated NFC chip and can be read by the MagSafe NFC reader on iPhone 12. The front has a small opening where you can see the battery details, time, etc. So for more than $100, it might seem a bit expensive but it has certainly stepped up the game for this category.

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