A new bug in iOS does not allow the iPhone to connect with a Wi-Fi network

There have been specific bugs in the iOS on a regular basis that are either detected by Apple themselves or other experts outside Apple. One such bug in iOS has been discovered by Security researcher Carl Schou where the iPhone can lose its ability to connect to a Wi-FI network when it is previously connected to a hotspot with a specific name. In this case, a personal hotspot was created by the researcher Carl Schou and was given a name with special characters %p%s%s%s%s%n. 

Once he tried to connect the phone to the smartphone network, he was unable to do so, and not only that it also disabled the capability of the iPhone to connect with any Wi-Fi network. The issue continued even after the phone was restarted and was also tested by others, leading to the same result. The issue only seems to be with the iPhone and not with any other Android device. Therefore, the issue is specifically with Apple devices only. 

As per the other researchers, the issue is due to the iOS misinterpretation of the format in the Wi-Fi name. However, the issue seems to be resolved soon after the network settings on iOS are refreshed or reset. Similar issues have popped up in the past with the messaging services in iOS where the text format is not properly interpreted by the software. However, the issues only seem to affect a small group of people and such a name for hotspot has the least probability to be used.


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