Epic Games files a preliminary injunction in the court against terminating its account in App Store.

The feud between Epic Games and Apple does not seem to end in the near future. A few days back Apple simply terminated the Epic Games account on the App Store as it was unable to restore the valid setting to the account as per the terms of the App Store. On this, Epic Games have asked the court to stop the actions as it was a retaliation by Apple against Fortnite. Epic Games has also said that they filed for a Preliminary Injunction, which would have put the game back in the App Store and restored their settings. 

The filing by Epic games was made in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Epic games specifically mentioned that it is “likely to suffer irreparable harm” from the action that has been taken by Apple. It definitely shows that Apple is simply retaliating instead of letting the matter resolve, Epic games mentioned. The developers also mentioned in the filing that “the balance of harms tips sharply in Epic’s favor”. The developer studio has also called Apple a monopolist and that it maintains the monopoly by “explicitly prohibiting any competitive entry“. 

Apple has already made clear that the termination of the Epic Games account on the App Store will not affect any app or game on the iOS that is currently using the Unreal Engine. Epic Games has also mentioned in the filing that Apple goes by the saying “This was a clear warning to any other developer that would dare challenge Apple’s monopolies: follow our rules or we will cut you off from a billion iOS consumers – challenge us and we will destroy your business,””.


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