Epic Games is organizing #FreeFortnite tournament with Evil Apple dress and more as a prize

It seems like Eric Game developers are not going to give up on any opportunity to make Apple look down on the ban issue. The popular game Fortnite was banned by Apple on the App Store, when the game developer studio added a direct payment link on it, instead of using the Apple Pay option. Ever since then Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple monopoly over the market and how they do not practice fair competition on their platform.

As per Epic, Apple plays by its own rule, and not all app developers are given fair and equal treatment. The decision will be coming out soon, before which Epic has left no opportunity to troll Apple. Now the developer studio is organizing a FreeFortnite tournament on August 23, which can be placed across any platform, including the iOS platform. The winner will be getting an evil looking Apple costume along with many other prizes. The evil-looking Apple dress seems to be another dig that the gaming studio is taking at Apple.

As per Epic’s official statement, “these are the final days of the entire Fortnite community’s ability to play together“”. They also mentioned that the new chapter or season is going to start on August 27, which iOS players will not be able to witness any longer. If you already have Fortnite installed on your iOS device, then you can play the game anytime. However, those who do not have it, will not be able to download it any longer. The winner’s prize list is as follows.

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