Epic Games files a new lawsuit against Google

We all know about the case that happened between Epic Games and Apple. The issue has still not been resolved and the ever-popular game Fortnite is not available for iPhone users on the App store. It now seems that Epic Games are also in conflict with Google on the Play Store policies. A while back a new lawsuit was filed against Google Playstore policies which led to an unfair competitive environment for the apps and third-party app store. As per the lawsuit, Google has control over Android app distribution and limits the consumption of installing any third-party app store on their smartphones. 

Similar to this, Epic Games have also filed a lawsuit against Google related to similar complaints. As per Epic Games, they were planning to add the game to the Samsung app store, making the game more accessible to users. However, Google has been influencing companies in not doing so. Also, Epic Games have claimed that since Google is in business with Apple they have been indirectly influencing users in not downloading other app stores. 

It is not the first time the issue has been raised against unfair practices by Google and App for their app store. Many companies and even the government have tried to investigate the issue and found some issues in the same. However, companies like Epic games have been involved in this case for a long time now. Many other companies like Facebook, Paytm and others have also come against such unfair practices that hamper the market competition and give unfair advantages to some.

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