Facebook adds the “Campus” feature, to create dedicated communities for students.

Facebook started taking shape in college when Mark Zuckerberg focused his thought on creating this wonderful platform. It seems that the company is now focusing more and more resources and efforts on its roots. Facebook has recently launched Facebook Campus, which is a service specifically designed for college students. The Campus features can be thought of like a social circle of Mini-Facebook inside Facebook, where the students in the college will be able to connect with each other over a shared interest and make it easier for people to communicate within the college community. 

The Campus feature is initially available for 30 Colleges and Universities in the US and a dedicated section inside Facebook. Now since it is a completely different platform inside Facebook, students will be able to create a profile using their college email and graduation year, which will help them to connect with their college community and share resources, chat and connect. The best thing about it will be that you will not be able to view any content outside of the campus or your college.

It will have a campus-only news feed and campus directory. Students can create a real-time chat room for their specific clubs within the campus. If we look back, it is the same concept that Mark Zuckerberg started working on when he was in college and further expanded it into Facebook. The feature seems to be great for college students where they can get access to all the information and important announcements of universities. 

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