Facebook Collab app debuts on iOS platform after beta version in May

Facebook has just announced the launch of the Facebook Collab experimental music-making app. The app has been launched just for the iOS users right now and can be installed through the Apple App Store. The app was launched in the beta stage in May as an invite-only. Now the app will be available for all the users on the iOS platform. Facebook has made a lot of changes to the app based on inputs from the beta test community. 

The app allows users to create, watch, and mix original videos with a focus primarily on music. In collaboration, there will be three 15 seconds of independent videos playing in sync. The app might show some similarity to the popular app TikTok as well where the content could be created in collaboration even when users are not physically together during the pandemic. As per the official statement from the Facebook NPE team, “Collab automates the complexity of audio and video syncing so you can easily produce a final composition you love.” 

YouTube video

The user would also not need any experience or musical training and they can easily create by swiping on any row to bring a new video clip that would tune to the user’s composition. The company has also made a lot of optimizations since the beta stage and have tested it with dozens of headsets and hardware configurations. The users can also use an external audio interface to bring music from the keyboard, guitars, and so on.

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