Facebook launches a new Short Video feature in India

Facebook has been testing a new feature on its social networking platform, where the user is able to post a short video with a limited time duration. The feature was tried on the main app platform in India. The feature names Short Videos and can be seen in the News Feed area, which allows the users to watch and create short lip sync videos, similar to watch people use to do on platforms like TikTok. The feature was confirmed by Facebook to TechCrunch, which confirmed that they are trying to add new features that can provide users with a new experience and can help them to connect and share on social media.

Facebook already had a TikTok like platform called Lasso which has already been shut down by Facebook. However, since the ban of TikTok in India, due to strict action on Chinese apps, it seems like the feature could turn out to be a hit with the Facebook Indian audience while they are looking for an alternative app. This feature of Facebook will have to face a lot of competition as many Indian app developers have also launched a new TikTok based apps which provides similar functionality.

Similar to Facebook, even Youtube is planning to launch a similar short video feature in a separate app called “Shorts“”. Also, some companies have been trying to take over the India business of TikTok. It might seem like the right opportunity for Facebook to launch a similar feature as there are a lot of users who are looking for such platforms right now. Also, Facebook has the right amount of resources to up the experience of such apps.


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