Facebook extending Dark mode features to iOS and iPadOS.

Facebook has been working on the Dark Mode theme for a while now and has also provided the same for the users on the desktop version. Now the company is testing the same Dark Mode for the iOS and iPadOS models as well. The company is accelerating the rollout for the Dark mode where the users will be able to turn the app dark to match the rest of their iPhone apps following an extended testing period. The dark mode was first introduced in Facebook for iOS in the iOS 13 operating system and has been trying to improve and optimize it for the users ever since. 

In the same effort, the company will be working on adding new features to the Dark Mode, which will be available for the users on the iPhone and iPad. The mode is currently being publicly tested, with more users being able to see the option. The testing has been in effect since June and has only been made available to a small group of users on Facebook. There are currently no details as to what the experience was for the users and the kind of bugs they have faced. 

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However, it seems like Facebook has already dealt with most of the issue and is now working on adding new features and optimizing the Dark Mode. The Dark mode will not only be available on Facebook, but also on Facebook Lite, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger apps all supporting it in iOS and iPad. You can check the Facebook apps and go to the Settings & Privacy menu, to check if the option is available for you.

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