Google to bring Dark mode improvement and additional features in 2021

Google’s dark mode on Chrome for Windows and Mac was appreciated by the users in terms of UI and now the company is bringing major improvement to the Dark mode along with some new features. The new update will be applicable for both the Windows 10 and macOS operating system. As per the new update, the entire Chrome browser will be covered in the dark mode as compared to the dark effect on the top-level UI’s in the previous version. Google is currently testing this new update in Chrome Canary as spotted by Windows Latest. 

The new update will apply the dark theme on the scrollbars and will expand to more elements on the browser. The dark mode will also be applicable to settings, bookmarks, a history page, a new tab page, and the PDF printing screen. It will also be added to the search results in the Chrome browser. Windows Latest also pointed out that this update won’t add a dark mode for YouTube’s scrollbar. The new update will be provided to the users in the year 2021 along with Chrome 88 Since the update is available in Chrome Canary, those with access can experience it now by typing the following code.



YouTube video

Google Chrome received its last update for 2020 a few weeks back which was said to increase the performance and reduce the RAM usage. The same update was also provided to the Google Chrome browser on the Android operating system. Now with Chrome 88, users will experience much better performance with UI upgrades.

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