Microsoft working on “Voice Launcher” feature for Windows users

One of the most impressive features that are also one of the most popular in the devices is the use of voice assistants. Voice Assistance is a feature that is available in almost all the devices that we use nowadays, such as smartphones, smart TVs and speakers, and many other devices. Also, companies have dedicatedly been working on making this feature even better than before. It is the reason why more and more companies are adopting it on their platform for a better user experience. Now, Microsoft is also working on a new feature for Windows called the “Voice launcher” which will allow Windows users to interact with apps and files using voice commands. 

The feature is still in development and is only available to a few users who use the following languages on Windows, English (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India), French (France and Canada), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, German Italian and Japanese. Since it is currently under development and experimental, Microsoft has been requesting the users to submit their feedback and also contribute to its voice search database to help deliver more accurate results. As per the official statement from Microsoft, “Your everyday use of voice typing could make Microsoft’s online speech tech more accurate for everyone who speaks your language. 

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If you decide to contribute your voice clips, some of these clips will be reviewed by Microsoft employees and vendors.” Microsoft has also revealed that the user information will be kept private and if any personal details are being recorded by mistake, it will be deleted immediately. The feature will immediately feature a Windows Search API and can be used manually as well by using the keyboard shortcut Win + H. It will also include features like Voice typing, auto-punctuation, and a lot more. The final version of the feature is reported to be launched in an update on October 2021.

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