Facebook wants iPhone users to select their own default messaging app.

Ever since the issue with App Store began where they removed Fortnite for using their own payment method, there has been a lot of discussion by big tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook on how Apple is trying to make things stiffer from the iOS market, and not leaving many options for the users to choose from. Facebook openly supports Fortnite in the matter as well, saying that Apple should allow freedom to the app developers and also support freedom for them. In a similar effort, Facebook has been trying to convince Apple to let the iPhone users decide on the messaging app they want to use instead of the default iMessage app. 

The feature would allow Facebook to make its Messenger app the default messaging app on the phone. As per the leaked details Facebook executives have sharply ramped up their criticism of Apple in recent months. Due to the increased criticism, Apple was forced to relax the policies of the App Store and also make certain Software changes. Due to this, now Facebook also wants Apple to let users decide on their default messaging apps. As per Facebook Apple does not agree on the point where the users will be able to use the default messaging app as per the choice. 

But if looked closely it also makes sense since Apple is all about privacy and security. They will rely more on the privacy and security standard on their default apps than a third-party app. Since Android users already have the option to do so, Facebook wants the same to be done on iOS as well. However, it hardly seems to be the way for Apple to go.


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