Facebook agreeing with Epic Games in the App Store monopoly issue

After both the App Store and Google Play store banned the game Fornite, there has been a lot of fuss in the market, especially about the monopoly of Apple in the app store. Due to this, even Facebook has now come up against the policy from Apple, which is only making it difficult for other platforms to perform. Facebook mentioned that they decided not to collect any fee for paid online events by educators, entertainers, and others as “Events” was a fresh addition to the Facebook platform, which allowed the users to talk to their customers in the time of the pandemic, where physical gatherings are still not allowed.

Removing any fee would help these people to earn more during the pandemic situation. However, when Facebook requested Apple to do the same and forgo any commission from live events hosted on social networks, Apple refused. Facebook said that due to this people will only get 70% of their hard-earned income and 30% will be taken as the commission. Apple is justifying the fee of 30% as the cost to cover the security and maintenance of the App store. However, most of the opinion from companies is that Apple is trying to abuse its monopoly in the market.

Epic game developers have also filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google Play Store and have asked Apple to change its commission structure for every app developer from the fixed 30%, as it is anti-competitive conduct. Ever since the issue has been raised, more and more companies are coming up against the policies of the App Store.

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