GeForce Now provides a workaround to play online games on iOS Safari

Online gaming has seriously picked up some speed and with the introduction of Google Stadia, online gaming is getting a new platform, which every company wants to rush in and take a slice from. In the same events, GeForce has now launched a new beta version of its game streaming services, which will be available on iPhone and iPad using Apple’s Safari browser. This service is particularly interesting as it acts as a workaround for Apple’s policy which does not allow the game streaming service to have their own games and want to list each one of them individually. 

Due to the same reason, the iPhone blocked the launch of the Microsoft cloud gaming service. Apple is insisting the games on iPhone and iPad be released through the App Store to make sure that the games are reviewed and rated, with obviously more cuts for Apple with each game launch. For now, the users will be able to apply a handful of games on their Safari browser through iPhone and iPad, while it is still in the beta stage. The games include Trials Rising, Runescape, Elite Dangerous, Poker Club, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, and Bee Simulator. 

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This is one platform that even Epic Games is looking forward to for re-launching their game on Apple devices. Working together with GeForce, Epic games is trying to make a touch-friendly version of Fortnite. Currently, GeForce Now is free to use and the users will only be limited to a one-hour session length. However, paid tiers unlock extended sessions and RTX.


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