Google has added more practice problems, quizzes, and other educational content in search engine results

During the pandemic when educational institutions were closed all over the world, Google made it easier for people to study by providing educational content online. Since then, the search engine has been providing much better educational content online on various topics. Now Google is also adding practice problems to its platform while expanding other capabilities. With the help of the Google search engine, one can now find interactive practice problems which are related to subjects like school math, chemistry, and physics. 

If you search Google for problems related to physics theory, it will provide you with a knowledge panel,  that features new dedicated sections, like examples, videos, and worksheets, for over 2,000 STEM concepts, etc, based on the subject you have searched. Tabs allow you to see practice problems from different providers, including BBC Bitesize, Byjus, Careers360, Chegg, CK12, Education Quizzes, GradeUp, Great Minds, Kahoot!, OpenStax, Toppr, and Vedantu. Similarly, many educational quizzes can now be found online along with the answers and explanations. 

Google has recently had a partnership with Symbolab, Mathway (a Chegg Service), and Tiger Algebra through which students can find many more complex problems online. Google will also post products that support screen readers and improved keyboard usage for those with motor disabilities. Google has been really focusing on providing more and more knowledge through Google search which has made it much easier for people to search quizzes, problems related to a specific subject almost immediately. These are currently available globally and that too in multiple languages.

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