Google upgrading the search engine to provide better search results for live TV and shows

With an increasing number of streaming platforms and websites, it is not easy for an internet user to search for their favorite TV show or watch live sports. If you search online, it will come up with thousands of search results, out of which most are spam. Google seems to understand this problem for users and might have come up with an interesting new feature. Google is upgrading the Google search platform so that the users and visitors can easily find live sports, movies, and shows.

Using this feature will be very easy for anyone as they simply have to search “where to watch the (game name) match” and Google will list down a list of TV channels that are currently hosting the live-action. If you use the feature right now, Google will only bring information, live scorecards, and schedule on the search page. Now there will also be a “Live On” button in the search that will provide the users with the option to select from various channels. Currently, the new update will only work for selective sports like Basketball and Baseball.

However, the company confirmed that once this feature has been launched and optimized as per users’ requirements, they will be launching the same feature for other popular sports as well. Google is also planning to add digital streaming of highlights of sports matches on its platform. Google has been working on the same category for a long time now and has also released a new feature last year which was the new recommendation tool.

Google has also been added a lot of content and lives feeds from cable and broadcast providers to provide live viewing functionality. Similarly, after the update, when the user searches for things like “best shows to watch“, Google will list down a lot of streaming and live TV options


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