Google adds new widgets for Gmail, Drive, and Fit for iOS 14

With the release of iOS 14, Apple brought a lot of new features and improvements for the existing app developers which helped them in making their apps more engaging than before. Alongside that, Apple also added a lot of new features to iOS, which were available on Android for a long time now. One such major feature was Widgets, which appears on the home screen of the new iOS 14 upgraded iPhone. Google has seemed to make the most out of it and now has a lot of new widgets on iOS for the users. 

Earlier Google Photos and Youtube Music were the only widgets available for iOS users, but the giant has now finally released the widget for Gmail, Drive, and Fit as well. As per their official Blogspot, “When iPhone 12 was released a few weeks ago, we launched helpful widgets for your favorite Google apps on iOS. Over the next few days, we’re adding more for Gmail, Drive, and Fit—and Calendar and Chrome widgets are on their way too.“” Google shared the images of the new widgets on the blog post which shows that the interface of new widgets is clean and simple. 

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Widgets will allow you to directly search your inbox, compose a new message, and also check for unread emails at a glance. Similarly, the drive widget allows the users to search a file on the drive directly. For those using the Google Fit app, the blogpost reads that “For those of you keeping track of your activity with Heart Points and Steps in Google Fit, this helpful new widget puts those numbers front and center on your iOS device.

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