Google announces new features for family and kids using Smart assistant

Google’s smart assistant has been one of the best services for a virtual AI assistant, which can do almost everything through your voice commands over the smartphone of Google device. The company has been adding many features regularly to this platform to make it better and one of the best AI assistants in the market. On Tuesday, Google announced a new feature that could help parents and kids with the online classes during the pandemic.

The new feature will help parents and kids manage their time while learning from home. One such feature to be announced is the “Family Bell“, which will create a bell sound for a specific time. Such as bells through the day for lunch, naps, homework, virtual classes, studies, and a lot more. One simply has to say, “Hey Google, create a Family Bell” on the smart speaker through Google Assistant. The Family Bell feature will alert you about any kind of virtual classes for your kids. Users who have a Google smart screen can play background school sounds to make it feel more realistic.

As per the company, it will help a kid feel like they are in an environment similar to the school. The user just has to say, “Hey Google, start the school day” or “Hey Google, the school’s in session“, to start playing those noises. Users can also use smart light through the Google Assistant to flash orange, red, and yellow, signifying that the school has started. The last feature is more focused on the Nest Hub and smart speakers, which will get more broadcast controls.

It can be used to broadcast a message through the entire home using the other speakers at home. You can let your family members in the other room know about any specific event or activity.


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