Google Chrome is testing domain-only URL’s to avoid spam and phishing

Google Chrome has been one of the best internet browsers from the last couple of years and Google has been trying to add more secure and unique features into it. There has been a lot of discussion about the short URLs being used to help distinguish between the spam website. Google has always been in support of this and is something Apple has been using in their browsers. Google is currently working on showing domain names in the address bar of the browser instead of the whole link.

The feature will be released a test feature in Chrome 86 and once the features show some positive results in being effective to fight the spam website, it will be launched as a stable update to Google Chrome. As per Google, shortening the URL will protect users from scams and phishing attacks that use a misleading URL. It is often found that hackers use similar domain names to the most popular website and users click on the link by mistake, taking it for the original website. For example, spam domain names could be or

This looks very much like the original URL but is different. As per Google, using a shorter URL makes it easier for the user to recognize the spam and fake website domain name. Chrome 86 with this feature will be available to both, who are enrolled for the experiment and ever for those who are not. They can download it from the developer’s website. It is expected that a stable version of the new browser will release by October.


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