CERT-In asks Google Chrome users to update the browser to avoid vulnerabilities

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers and has been very popular among users. However, the browser had its issues, which were also highlighted by CERT-In in the past. This time, CERT-In has asked the Google users to update their Chrome browser immediately to the latest version to prevent any hacking or similar problems. The update will help to avoid the use of user data through the browser.

If the users are using the version before Google Chrome version 84.0.4147.89, they need to update the browser immediately. It has been found that the older version of the Google Chrome browser had many vulnerabilities with high severity, which could lead to data leaks and issues with privacy. Not updating the browser can lead to remote attacks in executing arbitrary code, bypassing security restrictions, accessing sensitive information, conducting spoofing attacks, and denying services (DoS) on the target systems. 

As per CERT-In, the reason for these loopholes in Chrome is due to the heap buffer flow, side-channel information leakage, type confusion, and an inappropriate implementation in WebRTC, among others. They have also mentioned that the issues can be found in some of the Google Chrome extensions, which were caught capturing sensitive user data. The users are suggested to check the Google extensions page to check out if any of the installed extensions are marked as malicious. These extensions can take screenshots, save sensitive information, and capture passwords and other information using keystrokes. 

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