Google could soon launch new Google Pixel Buds A

A few months back, it was rumored that Google is working on new wireless earbuds, which would launch under the Pixel lineup. Now, the news is coming in that we might soon see the launch of new wireless earbuds from Google, named Google Pixel Buds A. Last year Google launched Pixel Buds which started their offerings in the market for wireless audio devices and now, the new Pixel Bus is said to improve on the previous generation, both in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation. 

Google has not confirmed the existence of the Saudi device officially, but it is expected that the launch could happen in a month. Google has actually sent an email to Google Nest customers accidentally, which has the image of the new Pixel Buds with a link to the accessories section in the Google Store. Since it is already hosted online, we can expect that Google could announce a new launch date for the device very soon. 

It was earlier expected that the wireless earbuds could launch in the month of April 2021. There are still a few days for April to end, and it could be the case that Google decides to launch it before the month ends. If not released this month, then there is a big chance that they might be announcing it in the annual I/O event which takes place from May 18-20. It is also the same time when Google is going to make a lot of new announcements and is going to reveal new devices as well.


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