Google Duo to add screen sharing feature during video calls.

Google Duo has been one of the most efficient video calling apps from Google, which can simply use your contact’s phone number to set up a call. Google has recently been adding a lot of new and useful features to the Google Duo platform. Now, they have added another useful feature for the Android users, which would allow them to share their screen while on a video call with the other person.

A tweet from Google was posted in September, which stated, “Share more moments with your friends on Google Duo Now you can use screen-sharing to browse photos and videos together, and plan activities all while on a video call.””. However, the tweet lasted only a few minutes and was immediately removed from Twitter.

It might have been the case that the features were not yet ready to launch at that time. However, the feature will now be finally launching for the users and it will be added to Google Duo through an update. You can simply tap on the overflow button on the bottom menu of the Google Duo screen, while you are on a call.

Select the Screen Share option from that and you will be able to share the screen of your device. Also, until the screen sharing is active, you will not be able to see the other participant on the phone. The only problem is that the features are currently not available on all Android smartphones, but will be added for all the devices in the future.

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