Google to bring new sharing feature on Android smartphones

When it comes to sharing the data between two different smartphones, there are a lot of ways through which it can be done. Earlier, it was Bluetooth which was primarily used by smartphone companies to help users transfer data from one phone to another. However, the ways people share data with each other now have changed completely and Google understands it. It is why the company is working on the launch of a new feature for Android users that would allow them to easily share their WiFi network password with others and transfer the data. 

The feature has been named Google Share and can be identified as a similar feature to Apple’s AirDrop. The new feature from Google will allow Android users to share photos, videos, Google Play Store apps, and Google Map locations with other nearby Android users. The WiFi password sharing through QR code is now available for Android 10 operating system users. The company will be launching the feature in the second half of the year and can be named Share WiFi. 

YouTube video

The rumors suggest that the users will have to long-press the WiFi button in the Android 12 operating system to use this feature. Google will also be introducing “App Pairs” in the Android Operating system version 12 which will allow users to add the same type of application on different devices. With this new feature, Google is trying to improve sharing between Android devices and also increase the speed of data transfer through WiFi while doing so.

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