Google Meet and Duo coming to Android TV

Video calling apps have been the most used technology this year due to the pandemic. It is why most of the tech giants have added a lot of new features and have been expanding the domain of their video calling apps in the last few months. Now, Google is taking it even a step further by adding the Google Meet and Google Duo app to the Android TV, which would help the user to directly do video calling with their TV. All you need to use your TV as a smart screen is an attached camera. 

The use of video calling features is at its peak right now and most of the professional groups are relying on these video calling apps to maintain and do their day to day operations. It is one of the major reasons why Google has been focusing so much on the Google Meet feature, which will allow seamless video calling with many more professional features. Also, the Google Duo platform will be merged into Google Meet, making it much more powerful and better. Since the Android TV market is on the boom and is certainly a market every tech giant is coming into, the demand and manufacturing of Android TV are much more than ever.

 Therefore, adding the feature would definitely increase the user base of the Google Video calling platform. All you would need is a TV with a mic that can be used for audio calls and a camera for video calls. Users will always have the option to buy them separately and connect it to the TV via USB slots.

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