Google launches Meet video conferencing hardware ‘Series One’.

Recently Google announced that they will be integrating the Google Meet feature to their Android TV’s and in the past, they have integrated Google Meet with a lot of other consumer products to offer a complete package. Google thinks that Google Meet is one of the best products to compete with Zoom and provide better services. In an effort to make Google Meet even better, the company has now come up with a hardware series that is created to work purely with Meet with full compatibility. 

The new hardware product series will be called Series One and would be the first meeting room hardware. All in all, there will be multiple products that team up together to form a complete and proper Google Meet setup for office. It will have an 8-channel speaker, which will have the noise cancellation features as well. It will also have a Next Hub Max for controlling all the activities. The hardware series will also include a high-quality webcam to provide clear videos. Google will be powering this device using its expansive set of capabilities. 

All these devices will run on the Chrome-based-OS and “Meet Compute system“, which is designed for Meet compatible hardware. You will also be able to use Google Assistant to control the work and will also have the option of remote control and a 10.1-inch device to manage the meetings. When it comes to the price, it is definitely premium. The Small Room Kit with a smart audio bar, smart camera and computer system is priced at $2,699 (Rs 1,97,000 approx). While the Large Room Kit costs even higher at $3,699 (Rs 2,70,000 approx). 


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